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1997 SL2
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Thanks for posting this thread. Based on your post, I was able to fix my '97 SL2 and start using it as my commuter car again. I had completely lost reverse in mine and had started losing 2nd. Now it drives great again. I bought a rebuilt valve body on ebay for $125 and the gaskets and nuts from the dealer for $37. Ace hardware ordered in a 23mm 12pt socket for me ($5.44), that I then used a bench grinder on to get the walls thin enough to allow it to reach the nut.

It was easy to lower the sub-frame by loosening the two bolts that hold it up, which gave me enough clearance to pull the side cover right off. I bent the tubes (3 x) but they were easy enough to straighten by hand.

I did the whole thing in about 2 1/2 hours and saved $1000 over the quote i got from a transmission guy that wanted to put in a rebuilt tranny.

I never would have attempted this myself it was not for your post!

Thanks a million (or at least $1000).



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