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Default Re: "S" Series automatic transaxle fluid/filter change

Maybe I've been inhaling too much ATF... but I don't think the bottle filling adds up.

10. Pour the remaining dirty fluid into the empty bottle. There will be a scale on the side of the bottle so you can tell how much is in it. Using that scale as a guide, add the equivalent amount of CLEAN fluid to the transaxle.

But if I have an empty bottle, that means the fluid is in the transmission already. So the transmission would be "up one bottle". I'm doing this right now. All the ATF is in my oil container. I pour one new bottle into the transmission, and I pour the old stuff into that bottle. We're one to one. But you need to do that (as stated) in order to stay balanced. I don't see how you can "reverse" that procedure (by pouring the what's left in the can before adding to the transmission) and still stay balanced.

Any tips would be great, other than having an extra empty bottle. Thanks.
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