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2008 Astra XR
Default Re: Front Struts and hardware availability issues

Originally Posted by wisconsinfan View Post
So can someone tell me if the Sachs strut on rockauto is an oem for the XR astra 3dr? My mount rusted out completely and I'd like to just change the struts along with the mount. Are there any other parts that I'd need besides these two? Thanks
Sorry to comment so late to your question.

My personal guess is that the Sachs struts lend more toward the XE, but possibly better constructed than the OEMs.

I personally had very good luck with Sachs components for a 2004 Volvo S60 AWD that I had quite a bit of work done on around 170,000 miles. A bit similar to what I'm doing here: New control arms, shocks, mounts, rubber ducky parts and bolts (kept all four springs). I was pestering my mechanic about what brands he was going to use for the parts and he finally told me he'd take $200 off the $2300 estimate if I'd shut up and please let him use Sachs parts for most of it. I shut up and gave it a rest. A year later, we had to replace the prop shaft. That too was a Sachs component.

Since then, I know a doctor I work with who races Audi's some weekends and he liked Sachs for his wife's A7. He is even more particular and of course has more resources than me. Our S60 felt better than new and was fine until an ignoble death at 270K by electrical gremlins, the same gremlins that eventually take all Volvos to Valhalla.

I have not chimed in about my own car project because my budget is $400/month until it is done. Because I spent more than the first two months right off, I will be installing things in early July. Had a bit of "project creep" happen as I added components, which will be pretty much everything after I finish.

Best luck.
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