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2001 SL1
Default Re: AC blows warm when idling

this is kinda a problem w/ me, i have a 01 sl1 and i changed my oil and was reseting the oil fuse thing under the hood and noticed how dirty under the hood was so i started cleaning it and then my ac suddenly started to work again not blowing cold air (id say cool around 70*F) but not like hot air that it was before so i think some of the cleaner dropped on the condenser and cleaned it a bit. i just have no clue where the condenser is i can see the radiator coil is (thing in the front where i cant remember its name but cools down engine) and i know its somewhere near there but im not sure if i need to go underneath the car to clean it/wipe it off depending on how bad, or if its accessible from under the hood verses under the car. also if you have pics pointing in the right direction that would be great cuz ive tried google/yahoo/metacrawler/ect. and nothing really showing where anything is. just the engine itself. thanks in advance

2001 Saturn SL1 "Bessy" 1.9l sohc (pre-named before i got the car but suits her well)


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