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Default Re: Replacing Engine/Trans.Mounts

Sorry Jerry, I got home kind of late from work. Thanks hrbchan, for answering Jerry and supplying the photos. No Jerry, I bought the Anchor brand (not very impressed either), and yes, it does have an anchor stamped on the bottom.

Jerry, the only reason I can think of for that anchor is that it may be used for locating the mount in just the right position, and possibly giving the mount a little more stability. Does that sound reasonable? Please reply back so I know you got this.

hrbchan, that puppy (top mount) was worn out huh? I'd say you got more than its life out of that one. I can imagine how much of a difference you noticed after changing it.

I've read so many different torque spec's people have used for these four mounts. hrbchan, Jerry, or anyone else, what are your thoughts on this?

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