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2002 SL2
Default Re: Replacing Engine/Trans.Mounts

Now I understand. Thanks for explaining. I was thinking when you said horizontally, you meant front to back. Now I know exactly. What I meant about the fender was after removing the splash shields, the metal frame or fenderwell at the top, closest to the transmission looks very close to the tranny. But it must not be an issue, so I wont worry about it. I took everything apart to have a look this past week-end, that's why I know the engine dogbone is shot. The transmission dogbone is the only one I didn't investigate, so I figured if I'm going to change the other three, I may as well change that one also. Do you think I should replace any of the nuts, and if so, will the hardware store have them? Thanks hrbchan for all your advice and the pictures are a great help.
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