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Question High Idling, Dies Randomly, 1999 Saturn SL2

I have a manual 1999 Saturn SL2 with about 183,000 miles on it. When the oil was being changed about 7 months ago, the individual changing the oil created a spark under the car and since then, I have been having issues with my Saturn. The first issue is that I will start the car and it will die right away, it will turn over and if I push the gas, it will rev the engine, but the second that I release the gas, it will die. I will get it to start eventually, but something is wrong there. The other major issue I have is that now and then the Saturn will idle very high while I am coasting or even at a complete stop, why is this? Any help is much appreciated. I thought maybe something iwth the fuel injector/pump, the ECTS, the TPS, or maybe even the throttle needs cleaning, but I am not an expert in cars, so someone please give me input.
Thank you!

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