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Default Re: My Saturn 2000 won't start. Security Light, Gas gauge not working.

well this guy says the PCM B fuse on this other GM car is on the fuel pump circuit, I know there is a fuel pump RELAY, but I assumed there could be another circuit connected, who knows.

I guess that's a different car, but there was more than one source saying on other cars, the PCMB fuse is on the fuel pump circuit.

Anyways, everything the next person says, always contradicts what the last person said, sort of nuts you know. And when you finally figure it all out for yourself, you realize NONE of them had the slightest idea what they were talking about.

Anyways, there is a groundwire to the PCM also, that is kind of exposed and must anodize or whatever alot, because it corrodes easy, and I noticed in the pervious owner's service records they charged someone $40 to clean it, it took a minute to clean, scrubbed it with some corrosion gunk.


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