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Default Re: My Saturn 2000 won't start. Security Light, Gas gauge not working.

well I guess no two people seem to agree on ANYTHING to do with any specific information about can car. Really is kind of insane.

I bought this electronic version of the factory service manual, from Detroit Motors, only it's NOT the official factory service manual, it's kind of a piece of crap, but someone went to a great extent to write out hundreds of pages of generalized info, and crappy hand drawn pictures.

I looked all over to find the factory service manual for this thing and could not find any clue anywhere.

I just asked the guy at the auto store whether you could mix sythetic oil and regular oil and he made up this BS story about how you should never do that, because it will get thick. He had no idea what he was talking about and I knew it, I just wanted to see what he would say. I KNEW he would pretend like he was an expert, and make something up, which seems to be what ALOT of fools do.

Someone seriously needs to do a psychological study of this phenomena, why men will NEVER just say 'I DON'T KNOW THE ANSWER TO THAT QUESTION'. They will ALWAYS make up some story to sound like they know something you don't. It's like theology, you know, they will make up stuff they think you won't understand so you will defer to them, as the authority.

Anyways, it sure is maddening how many people will make up elaborate explanations for things about cars when they have absolutely NO IDEA what they are even talking about.

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