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Happy Re: So long and thanks for all the fish........

Again, thanks everyone for all the kind sentiments.
I am deeply touched and appreciative.

As for the supercapacitors, I am running this exact one on the truck and this is what I will add to the Camaro (see photo)-
You must have a balancing board to equalize the voltage across each capacitor in the bank.
This is a readily available and cheap way to go and I just ordered another one today for the Camaro.
I added a 175 amp fuse for safety and used doubled 6 gauge wires on the positive and a very large braided strap in the negative to the battery terminals of the truck.

It makes the starter turn much faster and should prolong the battery life because it handles the starting impulse load better than the battery alone can do.
It also starts without discharging the battery as much as the battery alone.
It therefore charges back up quicker and oddly enough the vehicles I have put them on run smoother (not totally sure why, but they definitely do).

I am running smaller 20 farad units on the bike and Cruze (because the Cruze has a far smaller engine and I had previously fitted a diesel battery into it).
They are similar to the one that trottida showed, but I designed and printed my own enclosures for them (see rendering).

There are many YouTube videos about these booster capacitors.
But unlike a lot of internet things they really do work.
And yes, with the larger ones you can actually start and run the car without any battery..!

As OldNuc said you have to be very careful to charge the capacitor bank up to about the same voltage as the battery before connecting them together, but otherwise they are easy to install.
I used an older battery charger on a 2 ampere charge rate to get the capacitor bank voltage within +/-0.05 volts of the battery before making the final connection.
To show you how much energy these things can store, even at a 2 ampere charge rate it took several minutes to get up to the target voltage.

Definitely use a fuse in series with them...!
The short circuit current a bank like this can provide is nothing short of incredible.

P.S.- I like fish, but the SC2 has left the stable.
Never say never though.
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