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Default Re: Traction Control problems

Originally Posted by lostwages_ls2 View Post
The front and rear bank too lean is a MAF sensor problem. You can get CRC maf sensor cleaner at most auto parts store. Try cleaning it. If that does not fix it, a new sensor runs about $120.
Yea, I'm with lostwages on this one. I'm working on a MAF problem (same error codes) in my L300 right now. As long as the SES light is on, my traction control is disabled. By the way, don't worry if you notice that the transmission is shifting hard, as that is a secondary symptom of the MAF problem as well. (the quickest way to solve the transmission shifting issue is to power cycle the car, and donít' let the tach go very high)

If you really want to check it, clear your error codes. My bet, is that your traction control will function fine the next time you start the car, and as long as the SES light stays out.
(note, clearing the codes will be a very temporary fix, as more than likely the SES light will come back on after the second restart)

The only other time I've seen my traction control disabled was when my brake light switch was malfunctioning. My brake lights worked fine, but the TC was disabled, and the cruise control wouldn't function. All was remedied by cleaning the switch.



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