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Default Re: Oil Consumption Thoughts

Originally Posted by luklyz View Post
The 3.6 engine itís a good engine. The problem is lack of proper oil or oil maintenance.

The Saturn Vue was sold in Europe as Opel Antera with 3.2 V6 engine. The construction of the engine is same as 3.6. The recommended oil for this engine is one that exceeds GM-LL-A-025 which equals to full high-quality synthetic oil 0w-30.
In the USA recommended oil for Vue 3.6 is one that exceeds gm6094m 5w-30 which is every other synthetic blend.
This engine runs a little hotter than other engines. The temperature between cylinders is around 220F with thermostat operating at 180F. Higher operating temperature is causing oil to break down faster (oil carbonation). Clogging small oil supplying channels leading to clogged piston ring and oil consumption, chain wear.
One of the GM fixed for this engine was to change (reduce) time between oil changes to reduce carbonation of the engine oil.
I agree. I believe denigration of the 3.6L is unfounded. The design is solid. Now it could be argued that GM screwed the pooch on early versions with extended oil change intervals. But even many of these cars survived unscathed without copious oil consumption if the owner checked the oil and driving conditions weren't overly harsh. I worked in the industry as an engineer and at the GM tech center for a period. All engines manufactured are a bell curve of tolerances. Within this tolerance there will be some slight variation in oil consumption from the factory. I owned a Saturn SL2 5 speed coupe with one of the sweetest 4 cylinders I have owned and even with DOHC, a decent home mechanic could tear down in his garage. Mine used a bit of oil but the motor was sweet, sounded perfect and had good power. If I never checked the oil on that car, the sweet motor in that car would have turned to rubbish as well.

There are a few different pictures like above with sludged 3.6L top end on the internet....Cadillac forums etc. Don't want to throw Cadillac owners under the bus, but most of them could never find a dip stick. These are abused engines, run out of oil with excessive oil change intervals likely with clogged air filters as well. Abuse any engine and it will turn to $h!t.

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