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Default Re: Astra buying advice wanted

I think a $25 Haynes or Chilton manual could get you through most repairs. I have been looking for an Astra recently, they seem simple enough to me. I wouldn't sweat the timing belt either. I like the beam rear axle, to eliminate getting reamed by alignment shops. I can align my Saturn SL myself though. Girlfriend's L200 is a pig as far as the rear suspension
As for the missing aux input, Crutchfield will sell you a new stereo for reasonable cash.
As long as you are looking at remove and replace things (like SPM above) life is pretty good. Once you get into the engine, tranny, or A/C system, not so good.
I would class Mazdas as "odd ball" cars. Just aren't a lot of them running around. They seem to be the Chryslers of Japan. Just my $0.02

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