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2008 Astra XR
Default Re: Astra buying advice wanted

Originally Posted by chadbt View Post
If Rear brakes needed to be done, too, and that was $300. At 73,000 miles.
What do you mean by done? 300 seems pretty steep for doing brakes. Brakes are from the standard GM parts bin.

If you are used to owning Japanese cars and doing everything yourself, this car can be rather frustrating in my experience. I think that might be true of any American and many European cars though. If you take it to the dealer all the time, I doubt the labor rates differ all that much between cars. Most of the things that go wrong can probably be had without too much trouble, but there are parts you have to gets from Europe.

The Astra is an oddball in the US, but it probably would make an excellent car for a young kid. Its low power, drives predictable, and very practical. Its a difficult decision, but for that money you would have to get and older car with more miles if you wanted a civic or mazda 3.

The Astra was a huge world wide seller although it did extremely poor in the US.


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