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Beasjd....don't worry, they won't build it anyway. This is what happens when you have a company with a split personality disorder. GM wants them to be the cute fluffy friendly "girls car"...and Saturn and its owners would preffer them to be a "smart, sexy and decently fast car".

This thing will never see the light of day...hmm...whatever became of the SC Convertible...the SR? The SCX? The OLOA Turbo SC? Yeah, you get the picture...its just a little mental fantasy on the part of Saturn and GM.

Look at how little interest there is in even responding to this poll? Go to some of the other less "PeeCee" Saturn sites...weve been rather kind with our remarks. As they say, most folks can smell bull***** a mile away....maybe they should have called the car the Saturn BS Concept.


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