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Default Re: 2007 Saturn Vue Green Line (Hybrid) 12V battery not charging redux. Also, cut wi

Funny story: the 2007 Saturn Vue Green Line, 12V battery not charging issue is fixed. For now, anyways. I hate intermittent problems. Anyway, I took everything apart, as seen in my previous post, to check voltages, although in the end it didn't do me much good, as I still didn't know what component failed. I also turned the car on every morning, and later in the day, when it was warmer, to see if it was a temperature issue. The first time it failed, as noted in one of my posts. But then the voltage stayed up. I checked it for the next couple of days, the voltage stayed up, first going to 14.5VDC, then after a minute or less settling at 13.9-14V. I have read in other posts that some issues, like battery not charging, are "fixed" by jiggling wires. I must have jiggled the right wires taking while everything apart. The fix remained when I put everything back together. I also installed a voltmeter, to the right of the ignition switch, so I could monitor the voltage while moving. I tapped into a red wire going to the ignition that was only energized when the engine was on. I drove the car to town, even the hybrid system was working, the green 'eco' light coming on, and the dial indicator moving right or left at the appropriate times. I did notice that the TC (traction control) off light came on a couple of times, after which the hybrid system stopped working, but the 12V battery voltage was still up. Fine with me. I certainly don't expect it to keep working forever. The nature of intermittent problems is that they always come back at the worst possible time. But so far so good. Thanks again, bern, for your help.
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