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Default Re: 2007 Saturn Vue Greenline AC

Performing Smog (CA) hasn't been part of what I do as an auto technician. But as you are already being told, an exhaust leak will skew the catalyst efficiency test. A plan Jane stock exhaust manifold is not that expensive. But the very likely broke off stud in the head concerns me. Not all mechanics will be able to work on this kind of problem without making it worse.
I think replace the exhaust Manifold then reevaluate the catalytic converter. dose it reset the P0420

The timing chain: 1) Listen for excessive engine rattle noise the first 10 second when the engine is started COLD.
2) The Camshaft timing chain one of the plastic guides frequently are found broken. it can be quickly inspected. Their is a plug screw into the front left corner of the cylinder head (the corner of the head that is closest to the right front corner of the vehicle) Remove the plug to inspect if the guide above the bolt that is inside the hole, is the guide above the bolt broke off allowing the chain to ride on the side of the bolt.

The injection cleaning (a flush type service), I think your money can be better spent on more important things, more tangible failures. use top tier fuel and confirm the PCV passage in the intake manifold comes to mind.

I'm not saying that flush type services can't help improve a vehicle that is failing but most of the time the vehicle is not failing so the flush didn't improve it. I don't have a lot of respect for snake oil salesmen.

Some may say flush type services are really just wallet flushes. 5 different flushes on the same vehicle is called a royal flush.


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