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2005 ION-2 Sedan
Default Re: Have You Experienced the Ignition Switch Issue?

Yes, I experienced it. I had an 05 Ion 2, and the engine shut off out of the blue while driving on washboard out in eastern Oregon. I wasn't going more than 15mph, didn't lose control, and had no trouble stopping. There was nothing hanging from the key ring other than a small plaque. A few years later I ran into the passlock issue, at which point I replaced the ignition switch. Last week, Amazon notified me that the ignition switch I bought from them (ACDelco D1461F Ignition Switch) is being recalled.

It was a nice car. I don't have it anymore, as it was totaled a couple of years ago, rear-ended while stopped at a red light. I considered replacing it with a Cruze, but opted for a Jeep instead. Factoring into that decision was a sense that GM were dragging their feet when it came to recalls. The passlock issue alone warranted a recall. There was another issue involving power steering that I never ran into, but plenty of people did. GM wouldn't issue a recall over that either. If I remember correctly, they recalled the Cobalt, but got away with just extending the warranty on the Ions. The way they handled the ignition issue is inexcusable, criminal. I'm sorry to say it, but after what's come to light recently, I'm done with GM.


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