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Default Re: 04 Vue Power Steering Issue, Please Help

Please refer to 04 Vue - EPS Schematic in post # 3 and the two EPS thumbnails in post # 6 to assist with the following steps.

These steps are based on EPS wiring diagram interpretation. Please repost or send email if any step does not respond as written. The logical explanation is I probably screwed up.

Connect black meter lead (common) to metal part of vehicle chassis - this lead remains attached for all tests. I generally use small clip-lead wires for this purpose - Radio Shack has different sizes. One good ground point (according to photo of PSCM - Power Steering Control Module) is any of the bolt heads visible on EPS assembly.

Note: It may be necessary to use a sharp pin - or strip a small piece of insulation - from the EPS wires to be monitored in following steps. Use electrical tape to cover any bare wire areas.

The goal is to sequentially connect red meter lead to all EPS wires with +12 volts. First attempt would be to connect to RED wire connected to PSCM connector C1. This wire must have +12 volts at all times. I would monitor meter indication while giving the under-hood wiring (grab the big fuse holder) a vigorous shaking. Continue to wiggle wiring inside the cabin to maximum extent possible. Any meter fluctuation could be an indication of a bad wire connection.

The other wire in connector C1 is the black ground wire. You need to move the meter switch to OHMS and touch the red lead to the black wire. The meter should indicate zero ohms of resistance, and if it does - try moving the black wire while monitoring the meter. Any meter swing away from zero ohms could indicate a poor connection.

Next, reconfigure meter to read DC volts and move red meter lead to the PINK wire at PSCM connector C2. The wire will have +12 volts when ignition switch is set to RUN/START. Once meter indicates steady +12 ... move to I/P Fuse Block (next to front passengers left foot) and begin to wiggle EPS 10A fuse.

Also, try to reach back-side of EPS fuse circuit board to move as many connections and wiring harnesses as possible. (Note: I located a bad ignition terminal connection on my 2005 Vue using this method. I was having problems with engine cranking but not starting at times, and engine also shut down while travelling at 75 MPH on the Interstate at least once - ugly indeed).

Connector C3 is almost the last candidate. Connect the red meter lead to the C3 RED wire. With ignition to RUN/START ... try turning steering wheel for a right turn. The meter should indicate 12 volts when pressure is applied to steering wheel. Move meter lead to C3 BLACK wire and move the steering wheel to the left. Note meter reading is 12 volts for a left turn. You could try turning either direction several times and make note of any attempt when voltage is not indicated when wheel is moved (could be sign of internal PSCM issue).

Two final "road" tests would be to leave the voltmeter connected to C1 - RED wire and try operating the Vue as you normally would. You'll want to monitor the voltmeter if steering should fail. If the voltage does not waver when steering fails - it basically indicates an internal EPS hardware problem.

Next, you could monitor C2 - PINK wire in the same manner. If steering fails ... and voltage is still present ... you probably need to consider replacing EPS hardware.

I try to visit forum often but suggest you use private messages if in a rush (comes to cell) and include email address for extracts. I seldom check visitor messages so please don't use.


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