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Default Re: Where have you gone in your VUE?

Longest trip we ever did so far with the wifes '02 was approximately 700 km away from home base (Edmonton, AB to Cranbrook, BC). Total round trip of approximately 1600 km. Not very far but overall we were extremely impressed by how well the truck did. We were loaded to the gills with stuff (week long trip and 1.75 year old to keep entertained).

The mileage was excellent, the ride was good and the truck had plenty of passing power. The 3.0L gets dismissed pretty easily around here because it isn't the famed Honda 3.5L (which I love and have in my truck) but it holds its own.

The longest trip the '06 has went on so far is to visit my folks about 200 km out of the city (round trip of 400 km). Definitely an overall smoother engine on the highway and power in spades when needed. Mileage wasn't super but mostly because I was "experimenting" with my then new purchase.

I think these are great vehicles for long trips. Lots of room but not a boat to handle on the road. Plus they are nimble enough and have power when it counts.


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