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Default Re: Tensioner rattle is back -- even with new AC Delco tensioner and belt!

Originally Posted by hotrod205 View Post
I worked at Advance last year. Advance only sells replacement bolts for a few specific applications and NONE specifically for a tensioner bolt. They gave you the closest bolt they had, which of course was not an exact match.

No matter what they say, there are NO parts that are equal in every way to dealer parts, and these stores do NOT have exact specs on specific bolts and usually not even a good selection of sizes. If you need a bolt go to the dealer or junkyard, especially on anything bolting to the engine.

I had a guy come in wanting a harmonic balancer bolt for a 1988 Pontiac Lemans, the one made in Korea. He just couldn't understand why we couldn't pull up the exact size in the computer, and wanted me to give him one "close, because he HAD to get home". I refused, because he didn't have another one to even compare to and there was no way I could possibly guess the size, length, and thread size of what it would be. He left mad, but I wasn't going to sell him something I knew was wrong.
The bolts were not the problem. I tightened the after market bolts I got from Advanced into the block at the junk yard. The bolt holes in the block were plenty deep enough to crush the flanges on the tensioner, and the threads were compatible. The bolts were just a higher tensile strength than the originals, and not the cause of the problem.

What should have tipped me off to the problem? The aftermarket belt tensioner did not come with your typical aftermarket lifetime warranty. It only had a one year warranty, and it failed in 6 months.


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