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Mad Re: Tensioner rattle is back -- even with new AC Delco tensioner and belt!

The tensioner is in the timing chain cover? NO, you are wrong. I went to a local junk yard to get a timing cover. When they pulled it, I discovered that the tensioner connects directly to the ENGINE BLOCK. It sits next to the timing chain cover in its own cubby hole. They gave me the original tensioner bolts for my trouble.

FYI: This makes the damage considerably more expensive. A used timing cover is $50, a used engine block is more than $500. The time involved to replace the timing cover is nominal, when compared to the time required to replace the engine, the engine block, or drop the engine from the car to tap new threads. All the mechanics I talk to all want T&M. They are reluctant to give written estimates on this job, or return my calls.

As for wobbling around: After a few thousand miles use, the plastic aftermarket tensioner will start vibrating and rattle, when you turn on the A/C. You can actually see it vibrating when the A/C is on at engine idle. That is how I, and I imagine many others, have been able to locate the source of the problem.

Wish I had a video of that showing before and after turning on A/C. The vibration created by the aftermarket tensioner fatigues the upper bolt hole that holds the tensioner to the engine block making for a real nasty repair bill, when you get around to replacing the tensioner to fix the rattling. If you leave it alone, it make continue working for a while, but you are just putting off the inevitable ride to the junk yard.

Avoid the tensioner with the plastic wheel that is sold by every auto parts store I checked except one, Orielly, which sells only the more expensive one that resembles the GM OEM part.

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