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Default Re: Leggat Saturn (Burlington) also to remain open

Originally Posted by Harry View Post
Not sure if it is a 100% done deal or not but GM's Saab division has been sold to Koneiggsegg (sp?) in Sweden if I'm not mistaken. Not sure whether they intend to sell Saabs here.

Opel from Magna, a Canadian company? Who knows?

Is GM going to buy back the old cars and parts inventory? Leggat owns a Chev (Buick, Caddy, etc.) plus Ford (and Mazda), Acura, and Toyota dealerships of all things. See -- its a big dealership family so even if GM pulls their franchise and makes them take their sign down they can probably sell Saturn parts from their Chev dealership next door to the Saturn one and maybe the cars too if they're allowed to keep the inventory.

That said, am I buying new Saturns or other GM cars? Um, no... not if I can help it. Just no confidence in them right now.
The way I see it is that you should consider yourselves lucky, if in fact the franchisee owns more that one dealership. Especially if he owns a Chev dealership nearby as many of the GM parts are commonly shared. There are many smaller towns and/or cities out there that won't have this option and people may have quite a hike to an alternate dealership.
I guess what it boils down to is the old proverbial crystal ball syndrome. If you had known that Saturn was going to cease to exist, would you have purchased one? In spite of my reasoning to purchase several over the last decade or so because of the original polymer panels, I think I would still have been hard pressed not to, especially if there was and is going to be continued tech support.


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