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Default 07 ion transmission fluid check

Is there a way check the level. After an oil change yesterday i went and parked somewhere for a good while and then i started driving again but my car wouldn't shift into the next gear. I went back to the place I got my oil changed at and the guy told me its probably just low on trans fluid but he saw no dip stick to check it and since its sealed and all they do there is oil changes he didn't have the special tool to check it. Said it was sealed.

He sent me to a place where he knew someone but the guy was off. But another guy that was there said there's no way to check it??.. unless you look down some whole or... (can't remember what he said). But they do flush and fills.

After i left there my car decided it wanted to shift gears again. Also, when i first noticed the car not shifting i pulled into a parking lot and also noticed that when i put it in reverse or drive it jerks pretty hard. Thats a first. Its been back and forth a few times yesterday. Acting normal for the moment today.

Is there not a way to check the level myself? Or can an automotive shop not check it?? Also, whats the typical cost for a flush and fill? Why is it "sealed"?

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