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Default Re: Goodwrench Debunks Auto Myths

Originally Posted by Robor007 View Post
Does the Astra have OLM? If it does I wasn't aware of it. I asked the dealer what the oil change interval was when I purchased and they told me to do it @ 3K regardless of what the manual says. The guy said they recommend 3K changes because we live in FL and it's hot 9 months out of the year. I use synthetic in our Mazda3 and do changes @ 5K and will do the same in my Astra after the 1st change.
Yes absolutely the Astra has an Oil Life Monitor. The manual states not to change your oil until the light goes on but that may not occur for up to 10K miles, which in mine and many peoples opinion is way too long. With these newer engines and the OLS, 3K miles is also too soon unless you are driving in very demaning or dirty conditions, which I know Palm Harbor is not, I used to live on the E side of you. But 10K? like that movie guy says - inconceiveable!

Which means that especially if you are using synthetic, every 5K miles would most likely be ideal. Even regular oil going 5K under normal conditions in the Astra should be ok. The only time the manual says 3K intervals is if you forgot to set the OLM. Best best - check your oil yourself and use your own judgement.

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