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Originally Posted by dkldeb View Post
What do I do now?

I replaced the gas cap with authentic part and still the engine light comes on. The original one the spring had sprung. New one works fine but the light went off for a day and came back on. Now what? Thanks in advance...
Which light is it? There's one with the outline of an engine (Service Engine Soon) and one that's an outline of a car with a wrench inside (Service Vehicle Soon).

Did you replace the gas cap because it was worn out?

Did you get the new cap from a GM dealer? They should have asked you if the flap inside the fill opening is metal or plastic.

I replaced the one on my '04 because it wasn't clicking anymore (no lights). I bought one from Autozone. Both lights started coming on the next day. After buying one from a GM dealer, both lights eventually went out, and they haven't been back on since. The code was P0455 - large evaporative leak. The Service Vehicle Soon light can only be read by an advanced code reader, such as the GM Tech II at a dealer.

You might find some useful information in this thread:

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