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2007 AURA XE
Default Re: 2007 Aura XR won't start (sporadic problem, not a dead battery))

Well, maybe I can lend some insight.

A few months back, one day... My Aura did not start. The battery did not seem dead, but we jumped it anyway (not smart, I know.) Oddly, about ten minutes later, the car started just fine. I had called the dealer to alert them that there was a possible problem.

Next week the Aura was at the dealer for an oil change, alignment, rotation, rotors (of course.) When the service tech called and asked if I had any problems starting the car. I said no, but told him of the story. They asked to keep the car overnight to test the battery and such. The techs "couldn't duplicate." Even though this happened while it was actually at the dealer.

I get the car back, after they gave it a clean bill of health. Fantastic. Except for a day the following weekend. No start.

The car eventually started, oddly after it was jumped (must have been a coincidence.) I took it to the dealer. Once again, I was told they couldn't duplicate the problem. I told them to continue checking, and that I wouldn't be picking up the car until something was fixed. They called me back and verified it was the battery. Replaced the battery, deeming that it had a "bad cell." They gave me many apologies, and I picked the car up.

A few days later, no start, AGAIN! The car was then towed to the dealer. It turns out, the entire time that the starter was malfunctioning.

They, again, gave me many many apologies and let me pick up the car after replacing the starter.

There have been no issues since.


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