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2007 AURA XR
Default Re: 2007 Aura XR won't start (sporadic problem, not a dead battery))

Originally Posted by cfisher2 View Post
I'm going to say i'm almost 80% sure it's the passkey system. My old buick lesabre did that. If the chip in the key starts to go bad it locks you out for like 10-15 minutes, it even showed a security lock in bright green on the dash.

I resolved the issue by using the spare key, never happened again. Then I got rid of the car... and got the Aura!

***also want to add that it didn't happen every time, it was entirely random, although, it always seemed to happen when I had to be somewhere in a hurry, freaked me out the first 2 times till I googled it and realized what it was. lol.***
I can find nothing to indicate the Auras use the passkey system. No resistance in the key. No tamper indicator on the dash which is there on other older GM cars that use the passkey system. The owners manual says that if you have the key code tag that comes with the keys, usually kept by the dealership, any locksmith can cut you a key.

So if we have the system can anyone point me to documentation on the web to support it?
The stating problem described sure sounds like what happens if the resistance is incorrect in the key. The information on the system says it disables the ignition for 4 minutes after an attempt with an incorrect key. The tamper indicator flashes for that 4 minutes.

If we don't have the passkey system, I think the problem can be a borderline battery voltage. If the computer thinks the battery is to low it will prevent the starter from engaging.


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