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Default Re: GM settles suit for faulty Saturn trans - GM states claims are "widely exaggerate

Originally Posted by 1saxman View Post

This reminds me of the government's impending bailout of those who foolishly took ARM mortgages to buy a property they could not otherwise afford, including those who lied about their qualifications. Now we all will pay for their stupidity/lies.
Why don't you see the fact that covering these horrible transmissions to just 75k a problem? Does that mean you consider the usefulness of your VUE to be ended at 75k?

Many of these transmissions failed 2-3 times before they reach 75k. These buyers bought these VUE's with the expectation that Saturn had a transmission that would at least last the same as any other car.

Instead they got the transmission from hell, that would leave them in financial dire straits when it died and the Saturn dealer held their hand out wanting $4000.

I still disagree because of it's defective design had multiple and premature failures. With failures so bad GM had to stop using the unit. They should extend the warranty to the same expectations as their comparable 4-speed automatic.

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