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Well, this is a hydraulic transmission. The pressure is regulated by electrically controller actuators. It's slamming because the actuator isn't doing it's job. It's either faulty or isn't getting enough juice (electricity) to shift when the computer commands it to do so (so it lags, then shifts and meanwhile the rpms have increased, hence the BANG).

The problem is that the side affect of frequent banging is that the input shaft nut (inside the tranny) can back out and the problem become more than just the valve body.

That's why I suggest that it's not a good idea to just ignore. I've bought several used saturns that had the problem that you describe after a few more months of driving. In most cases theres and easy fix (replace the valve body). But if left long enough the transmission can become damaged enough that it needs to be swapped (cost at a local transmission shop may exceed the value of the car).

There are some really knowledgeable people on this forum that can help you make an informed decision.

I'm guessing that as it gets worse you will eventually have a service engine soon light come on and that may be enough proof for your dealer (I can't recall if you said this was a Saturn dealer or just a used car lot).

The fact that you only have 50,000 or so miles on the car is a little troublesome. But I've seen several with only 80,000 have it bad enough that you don't want to drive it to the corner market.

I hope this helps. Let us know how you make out.




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