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Default Re: Broken Door handle

oh my bad guys, been super busy with the wife(trying to get things ready and in order for our baby coming).

As for my door, yes, fixed it and glued the panel parts back on, ended up spending in total about 35 bucks, 24 for the cable and about 10 for the Gorilla Glue(worked awesome by the way). used some plastic clamps to hold the stuff on, i think its better than it was from the factory believe it or not. using the clamps though is a bit of a challenge in its own. hold the top piece firm against everything was a b---h. trying to get the whole panel glued to it all the way, not an easy job to make it conform to plastic. but worked nontheless.

going to pull the other side off maybe in the future too reglue its pieces as well.

Oh let that glue sit over night too inside your home, set really well indoors.

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