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Default Re: Broken Door handle

Originally Posted by Lunchbox1984 View Post
well pulled the door panel off and lucky the handle itself is still good. it broke in the door latch itself. called the dealership local too me and they didn't have a cable in stock, but it will be here Wednesday. so, ill drive over there Wednesday after work an pick it up. until then i need to re-glue the top plastic piece back on and another piece. the yellow glue they used is crap, doesn't work well here in the Texas heat. anyone got any ideas on some different epoxy's i could use that works on this type of application, worst case, im heading too lowes tomorrow and might need to get some clamps too to hold that stuff down while it drys.

so for now, i have no door panel and might pull the other side off to fix the same issue on it as well and might even put the speakers in. and ill take some pics.

As, anyone know where too get some of the plastic clips they use on the door besides the dealer and are the right ones. might need too replace a few.

Thanks guys
harbor freight sells the interior panel removal kit for less than $5 i think. it is the same set other stores sell for a bit more. get one of those.

read the write up i poted in june or july 09 and i think midnight posted ea bit earlier on replacign speakers. very good instructions in midnights write up.

i bought a bag of clips at the local napa. almost the identical size. better not to need the clips and remove the panel the right way using the tool.

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