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Default Re: Broken Door handle

Originally Posted by Lunchbox1984 View Post
revising this thread.

mine just broke today, the interior part moves, but does not unlatch it from the deal. not sure if its the cable or if the broke off the backside of the handle itself.

sucks now, cause i have to roll the window down and open it from the outside., hoping the outside doesnt break as well, then ill be either slimning my fat***** out the window or going in from the passager side.

ill look into it this weekend as im on 40hr weeks, so i got weekends again. not only to work on the astra, but Oggly truck as well. maybe actually get him on the road this year.
From your description, I believe that the white plastic piece or the black plastic part it clips into (on the left) has sheared off, see the following picture borrowed from the thread Astra La Vista! linked.

Your symptom describes exactly what was happening to mine when I did not get the white piece clipped back in properly when I had the door skin off to fix the delightful "window glass off track" problem. Might be worth disassembling the door to see if its actually broke or just somehow came out of place. There is a very good "how-to" in the thread that Astra LA Vista! linked. Otherwise, you're either going to need a new cable (for the white plastic end) or a new door card (if the black plastic is sheared off).

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