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1993 SW2
Default Re: 1993 SW2 with new AUDI LED look

phillyboii91 said,
"I see people wit VW have it and i luv VW and Audi so i want that **** on
my sl2. where can i get a single wiper kit for my sl2???"
I did not know that they make a kit to make a single wiper. Hence the reason mine has that "BROKEN LOOK". I just removed the driver's side wiper arm and repositioned it like that. I am inspection mechanic in my state of Pa. The only time you need the other wiper arm is when getting the car inspected. It is not a safety issue, it is because state laws says the car needs to be the way it was from factory. So every year, I reposition the wiper and put drivers back on. I have had this "BROKEN LOOK" for over 10 years. I first put it on a 1984 Civic. I have had it on several of my cars since. I have not been pulled over for the wiper, I have however, been pulled over on 4 separate occasions for too dark window tint.

I have since fixed my broken headlight issue. Give me a break, the light went out went when I was installing the LED's.

I asked about my LED's, not my wiper or recent light failure. I stopped posting, because I left high school 17 yrs ago, so if ya have a legitimate response, I will reply, if not, then FLAME ON. I enjoy reading some of them.


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