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1993 SW2
Default Re: 1993 SW2 with new AUDI LED look

I was thinking of making them go the whole length of the light housing, but saw someone with a Civic like that, so I decided to try this. They can be cut, so I have been thinking of trimming them where the low beam reflector ends. That way, it would only outline the low beam.

I got them for Christmas, but they can be found at any local Autozone or Advanced Auto Parts. The ones on my car are 24" and where about 24.99. The do have smaller ones, 18" and 15", which are a bit cheaper. I am not sure of the part number, I threw the directions and wrapping in my burn barrel after I read them.

I love the way the German cars are built, however, I don't like the cost to repair them. My friend has a 1996 A4, he has had all kinds of electrical gremlins. Recently took car to the garage and 3g's later he has an entire new wiring harness. LOL. He still loves that car, and is planning on sinking more into it. He plans on getting a body kit and new hood and trunk etc.


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