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Default Re: Seafoam through the PCV hose...and more!

I've used it with great success in my Ranger. I do it before every oil change.
Here's how I do it...

Run vehicle around about 20 minutes first; works better in a hot engine.

1. Detatch vacuum hose from power brake booster.
2. Plug open end of vacuum hose with bolt.
3. Start engine.
4. Open can of Seafoam.
5. Take bolt out of vacuum hose; cover hose end with thumb.
6. Rev engine.
7. Take thumb off of vacuum hose and put hose into can of Seafoam.
8. Let the vacuum suck out the Seafoam through the hose.
9. Rev engine up and down while it draws out the Seafoam.
10. Stop engine after it sucks out half of the can or it stalls out.
11. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes.
12. Restart engine (may take a few tries).
13. Drive it around for about 20 minutes and watch the fog cloud behind you.

Once the fog goes away, you can do it again with the rest of the can. I would use the whole can if it's the first time for that vehicle.

Planning on doing this to my Saturn too this weekend.

Good luck!


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