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Default Re: security horn/lights going off randomly

Originally Posted by ruley73 View Post
No, if the circuit doesn't already close now when you shut the door, it certainly won't close if you tape the pin in.

You must disconnect the harness from the switch and install a jumper to close the circuit. You may find that the plug is very corroded and may need to be repaired/replaced.

You could try shooting silicone spray into the pinhole of the switch to buy some time before you can get a new switch, but it sounds like the switch may be too far gone for that.
Just got the new switch, installed it, and 5 minutes later it started doing it again. I'll try maybe the passenger side one and see if it helps. It's draining my battery down to nothing every time. I have a second car I'm using though, so it's not rush rush but still annoying!


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