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Attention Re: Changing Timing Belt on a Saturn Vue 2002 AWD and without the timing belt tool ki

We rent the some will claim we are bias. That said, you do assume the risk of engine damage by not using the tool.

We got this email recently:

"....I found your website looking for help. I am working on an L81 timing belt, with out the special tool.

I used zip ties to hold the cam gears and got the new belt on, but I am off a couple teeth, so I know thats not correct.
Before I rent your tool I need to know if I ruined this engine.

With the 'incorrect' belt placed on, I could turn the motor by hand clockwise. But the marks were off so I removed the belt again.
Now with the cam gear marks all over the place, I tried to turn each cam gear separately to line up with the upper mark, held the cams in place again, but now with the belt on the bottom end is hitting somewhere....."

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