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Default Re: 2002 AWD V6 high rev at idle

Originally Posted by fotovue
I'll have to double check with Kat to remember exactly what was wrong, or, if DJ comes in here, if he remembers, maybe he'll reply.

I had a similar situation, but for me, it was one night on my way home, the vehicle started having a mind of it's own. I came to a stop sign, put my foot on the brake, and the engine actually started increasing in revs and pulling out into the intersection, even though my foot wasn't on the accelerator, and was pushing the brake pedal to the floor. I through the car in netural to keep from loosing my front end to another car, turned the car off and back on, and it seemed like it was back to normal, until I tried to push the gas to get out onto the main road, then, I had NO accelerator response, it crawled out into the street. So I pulled over into a shopping center, and called Kat and DJ. I turned the car off and waited for them. By the time they got there, we turned the car on, and couldn't get it to do it again. Anyway, took it to the dealership the next morning, and they wouldn't let me leave with it until they figured out what happened. They gave me a loaner car, and called me back two days later to say they finally figured out that I had a bad accelerator sensor. I believe that's what they said was the only thing wrong, but as I said, i'll have to ask Kat if she remembers everything they said.
That's pretty much what happened. They said it was the accelerator position sensor.

HOWEVER, this is on an 04 with electronic throttle control, where the accelerator pedal sends a signal to the BCM, which then tells the throttle how far to open. I think the 02 may be a 'drive-by-wire' instead of the electronic version, so it may not be the same problem. But, either way, that's what happened to us, so it may be worth checking out as it sounds VERY similar.

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