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2000 L-Series 2.2L Sedan
Default Re: 2000 LS1 3000rpm Idle

Welcome to SaturnFans, 98cherokeeltd!
Originally Posted by 98cherokeeltd View Post
Just put a new battery in it and have to replace the alternator, but that shouldn't effect the car idle...right?

2000 LS 5-speed ecotech
As fdryer pointed out previously, this idle problem has not been encountered here at SaturnFans with any model year of the L-Series cars having our engines. This naturally makes it difficult for us to provide truly useful ideas. The only thing that I would point out is that you must be sure that the charging system is operating normally. Take care of the alternator concern.

There are two other GM car models which had the ECOTEC 2.2L engine with a manual transmission in model year 2000, the Chevrolet Cavalier and Pontiac Sunfire. These two cars are built on the same chassis. Looking for a problem which mirrors yours among those models might prove useful. It should be pointed out that the manual transmission is not the same as what is in your car. As for me, I have no idea as to what could be causing the erratic and high idle speed to occur with your car.

I wish to comment on the response you gave to fdryer in post #8. I belive that you took his comments too personally, or if not that then perhaps some other inference was developed out of what he wrote that I cannot see. In any event, as I have become familiar with him over the time of my membership here it's become clear to me that he doesn't post comments to be provocative. Reading through his post I cannot find any intent other than to add some clarity regarding how one should think about correcting the problem at hand.

The large majority of members here are very willing to provide whatever insights they may have. Sometimes, of course, it happens that we have little to say. As your problem is worked through and you add more posts to this thread perhaps someone might add information here which will be helpful to you.

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