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Default 2000 LS1 3000rpm Idle

So my LS1 sat for a few months and I got it running again. Went out to work on it earlier and when I started it, the motor revved up to 3000 and stayed hovering there. Put it in gear (5 speed) and let out clutch, dropped but went right back up when clutch depressed.
Drive it up and down the road, worse outcome. 3800and rising after pressing clutch.
Shut off the key while rolling down the road and turn it back on...MAGIC. normal idle.

Back in the driveway...shut car off, restart. 3000rpm. Kill key, turn back on. Normal idle.

I checked for vacuum leaks with carb cleaner and didn't find any. But I also ran out. Sprayed everything down with soapy water but didn't see any bubbles and idle never waivered.


Just put a new battery in it and have to replace the alternator, but that shouldn't effect the car idle...right?

2000 LS 5-speed ecotech


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