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Default Re: No brake lights working..all others work..need help!

Originally Posted by fdryer View Post
I'm not an expert on switches but like most simple switches they're configured in one of several ways. Typical brake switches are momentary types - normally off (no braking) and on (braking) as long as the switch is held in/on as a brake switch is used. I do not have wiring diagrams for Aura's so you might be able to use this link to find wiring for your Aura (if not the exact year but wiring should be the same for all Aura's); I can only guess two wiring circuits, the one already mentioned using the body control module and conventional brake wiring without going thru the bcm.

Conventional wiring wouldn't need the bcm and wired indirectly thru a relay or directly to the brake lights. My guess is wiring is thru a relay; the brake switch supplies either a ground or 12v to the brake relay, powering the relay and a set of contacts closes to send ground or 12v to the brake lights, including the third brake light.
Its actually a rheostat...which makes me more nervous cause i wasnt able to read any voltage feeding it from the harness....such a pita....i got an appt to drop it off much as i hate that....its so wierd....

No voltage to 3rd brake light
No voltage to either tail brake light
But the leds get voltage when the drl is on.....

Something is stopping a signal from the brake positiom sensor and the brakes


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