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Default Re: Noob Here to Saturn but not to GM-L3000 Question/Help Needed

Originally Posted by Jetsa View Post
Okay I guess I will be removing the front timing cover. Can anyone tell me how I could possibly tell if the timing had jumped once I am able to view the entire belt area? I undertand the marks are there for the original installation of the belt only, but what do I use to judge if I have a belt-jumped issue, other than something obvious that would stare me in the face?

It will be easy to determine. There are permanent marks other than those painted on the surface of a new belt for initial installation. You will see timing marks on the cam sprockets that align with notches in the cam cover and a notch on the crank that aligns with a mark on the engine casting. With the cover off, turn the crank until the crank timing marks line up (6:00 O'Clock position). Then observe whether the four timing marks on the cam sprockets line up with the notches in the back of the cam cover. Note that you use different marks on the cam sprockets depending on whether they are installed on the rear bank (1 & 2) or the front bank (3 & 4) You may have to clean off the dust to see, but there are numbers stamped on the sprockets so you will know which sprocket mark applies where. Just remember that the cams are numbered 1-4, left (rear) to right (front) as you stand on the passenger side looking at them. Of course, you may have to turn the crank through two revolutions to get the marks to line up, as the crank turns twice for every single revolution of the cams.

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