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Default Re: Do You Have A New 5 Door Astra? Does It Have Press Dents?

Originally Posted by Jamis View Post
The local dealer receceived a black 5 door XR in the other day. It has been cleaned up now and there are no "press dents" in the rear doors. A side note: the window trim on the Saturns is silver/chrome, not black like yours.
Maybe this chrome trim is an indication of a better finnish on the Saturn Astra - I think a Chrome trim is a feature of the more expensive models here in the UK.

Anyway, my new doors have been fitted now and they are free of dents - unfortunately I can see a slight difference in the existing door pillars, compared to the new ones. I've updated my website with the latest information.

I intend to keep the website going, because even though Vauxhall have now admitted that there was a problem with the manufacturing process, and have rectified it. I think there must be lots of Astras on the road and on dealer's premises with this problem, so buyers need to be careful.


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