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Default Re: SL2 Water Pump Replacement w/PICS

Thanks for the write up.
I am a retired general mechanic, (well had to take my disability, so believe it or not, this is My 2nd day on this SL2 water pump.)
May not Be here a lot, am doing this car for a friend of a friend,
to save her the dealership cost, few bucks in my pocket.
But I may hang out here a bit, and help any owners, DIY's if I can.
Thanks for the write up.

I actually did this one, by raising the motor. Did work from over the wheel too.
To help line up the new pump, 1st I marked the old pump, and the block,
Transferred mark to new pump.
I then cut 2 8mm bolts of the proper thread to a little longer than needed to extend through the pump.
Threaded those in the two top holes, to use a alignment pins. then of course threaded 2 or 3 bolts in the pump and removed the pins.

I do have a pretty good feel for tightening the pump bolts, Really only used a torque wrench ever for wheels, and head bolts.
I do have a smaller inch lbs torque wrench, never used.
I MAY Just use it on the water pump bolts. 22 (ft lbs) X 12 = 264 inch lbs.
Say like on transmission pan gaskets, I NEVER used one, cause I didn't have a inch lbs. one at work, But never had one leak either.
Always worried a few days, though, but as far as I know all was good.

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