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2003 L-Series 3.0L Sedan
Default Re: Cooling Fan Runs Constantly 2003 Saturn L200

The Haynes Manual is the one I've always used. There is the Chilton one as well plus the proper Factory Workshop Manuals. It depends on how far into maintenance you want to go. The Haynes is adequate for my skill level. You can get them for about $14.00 online at Rock Auto plus postage. 1 job and its paid for itself.

The L series has 2 engines, a 4 cylinder like yours and a V6. My son has the V6 and I had just had his Thermostat replaced. It was a garage job.

However, I just looked at the Haynes for the 4 cylinder and it looks quite diy doable. Unlike the V6 there are no gobs of manifolds, etc to remove.

Here's what Mr Haynes says to do the job.....

1- Remove the water pump drain bolt and drain any excess coolant into a container. (MY TIP-When its stopped dripping re-tighten that bolt back on otherwise you'll forget to do it later!)
2- Follow the radiator lower hose to the engine to locate the the thermostat housing.
3- Loosen the hose clamp, then detach the hose from the fitting. If it's stuck, gasp it near the end with a pair of adjustable pliers and twist it to break the seal, then pull it off. If the hose is old or has deteriorated, cut it off and install a new one.
4- If the outer surface of the thermostat cover, which mates with the hose, is already corroded, pitted or otherwise deteriorated, it might be damaged even more by hose removal. If it is, replace the thermostat cover.
5- Remove the fasteners (bolts really) and detach the thermostat cover. If the cover is stuck, tap it with a soft face hammer to jar it loose. Be prepared for some coolant to spill as the gasket seal is broken.
6-Note how its installed, which end is facing up, or out and then remove the thermostat.
7-Remove all traces of the old gasket material from the housing and cover with a gasket scraper.
8-Install a new rubber gasket on the thermostat cover and bolts, then tighten the bolts to the torque listed in the Chapter Specs (89lbs).
9- Re-attach the radiator hose to the outlet pipe on the thermostat cover. Make sure that the hose clamp is tight. If it isn't, replace it.
10-The remaining installation is the reverse of the removal.

You will then need to top up the cooling system with the coolant you lost or if the coolant is in good condition, pour what came out back in + check level.
MY TIP-Don't bother removing the TStat cover from the hose. Unbolt it and shove to one side while you clear out the old TStat. The rubber hose will allow it to flex out the way.

If you buy the Haynes you'll also get some pretty pictures to go with this description.

Hope this helps.


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