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Default Re: Cooling Fan Runs Constantly 2003 Saturn L200

Replacing a thermostat on any car is a bit messy as antifreeze always drains from the water outlet once it is removed. The cooling system must be drained. Open the radiator petcock to drain the radiator first. There is a second drain at the bottom and rear of the water pump which also must be opened. Failing to drain the water pump will result in a very significant amount of antifreeze draining over the transmission. If you don't have a repair manual I'd be happy to send information to you. Just send a p/m (private message) to me with an email address and I'll send the information to you there.

What you stated about the FCM was a surprise to me when I first learned of it. The reason why it is built in the way that it is, is because of the cooling fans various speed levels which are automatic and controlled by the PCM (Power Control Module) based on input from the ECTS (Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor), but usually referred to as CTS here in SaturnFans. Additionally, these fans will remain engaged after the engine is shut off when it's been run very warm - an action occurring typically during the hot days of Summer, or after a very long drive and which is normal. You're probably already aware of this.

At any rate, the cooling system in these cars is - IMO - a well designed and robust one. I have had no trouble with it in my car at all. I've repalced the radiator after well over 200K miles due to temps getting a bit too high (but not severly), not due to a leak, and the water pump at around 177K miles. That's it.

I'm deeply regret that you've lost your son so soon. As a father of two, daughter and son, the thought of seeing one of them pass on before I do is heartbreaking enough. I admire what you're doing for your grandchildren. If I were near you I'd be more than happy to be of assistance. Since distance makes that impossible, I can at least share information so don't hesitate to contact me.

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