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Default Re: Cooling Fan Runs Constantly 2003 Saturn L200

Originally Posted by jerseybrat99 View Post
Started having an issue with the cooling fan running constantly only when car is I went out to try to remove the module to get the p/n for a replacement part. Couldn't get the part out...too hard...however, after jiggling it the fan no longer runs when car is on....2 I have to worry about my car overheating since it's winter and could jiggling the module fixed the issue??? Also, sorry next on earth do I get this part out!!!!
I went on an Adanced Search within SaturnFans and linked several threads which share similarities with your issue at hand. Please look through them as it will be informative. Unfortunately, only one member posted the conclusion to their problem. With that in mind, please follow through with this thread and share your resolution whenever that actually happens.

I agree with flyingj regarding the Fan Control Module. At this point diagnosis is insufficient and therefore condemning the FCM is premature. He is also correct in saying that there are other possible underlying problems which will cause the cooling fans to be constantly engaged regardless of ambient temperature or engine temperature.

It's not likely that you need to be concerned about overheating. However, when the fans are always in operation it means the engine is not likely to reach the minimum operating temperature, 180 degrees, which negatively impacts the emission system. Jiggling the connectors could have resulted in partial disconnection of the wiring to the fans and thus would have shut them down. Do I know this for sure? No. It's merely a suggested possibility. Post #21 explains removal of the Fan Control Module This thread actually shares a resolution.

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