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Default Re: SL2 Water Pump Replacement w/PICS

I did this job a few months ago, and this thread was a big help. I have a few tips from my experience.
1.Use a 6 point socket on the water pump & pulley bolts, and if you have one use a "flank drive" style with relieved corners. I started out out with a 12 point socket and had it pop off one of the bolts. Fortunately I was able to find a 6 point socket and force it onto the bolt head.
2. Hylomar is a great alternative to RTV for holding the water pump gasket in place. It's non-hardening and very sticky so you don't need to wait. Also Hylomar is oil soluble so it won't gum up oil passages or small water passages.
3. If you get in trouble you can remove the AC compressor to get at the water pump bolts. I had to do this to get the rounded bolt off. It adds time and work but access is much better.


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