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2002 SL2
Default Re: SL2 Water Pump Replacement w/PICS

Just did this job today, a few notes:

-Your pump can be bad without leaking a drop. The bearing will go and you'll hear a rattling sound, it will sound like it's coming from the timing cover or front side of valve cover. If you're using a stethoscope and you have AC it will also travel surprisingly well to the AC compressor. The key giveaway is the pulley can be moved laterally ever so slightly, not even a 16th of an inch. There should be no lateral runout at all.

-Gear Wrench makes a "wobble" socket wrench extension, it's an extension with a narrow base under the ball-detent. It turns any socket into a wobble socket, but you don't get as much of an angle. It works well with an impact unlike U-joint extensions. This and an impact (cordless is fine) is the best way to get the pulley bolts off. It was the easiest part of the job with these two tools. If you don't have an impact try this method:

-Copper Gasket is your friend. Two thin coats and the gasket was going nowhere. You NEED some kind of gasket adhesive for this; it's near impossible to keep the gasket in place and mate the pump up perfectly with such little space.

-Scotch brite pads are the recommended mating surface cleaning product

-Torque spec for water pump to block bolts is 22 lb ft. But you're probably not going to get a torque wrench in there. I used a torque wrench on one of the easy to reach ones to get a feel for how tight, then did the rest by feel. The worst possible thing you could do on this job is to strip out the aluminum threads.

-Looking back I probably would've taken the top mount off and jacked the engine up a bit to get the pulley out. You can get it around to the right side of the block and back, but you have to push it against the front of the new pump to get it back. It didn't seem to hurt anything, but I wasn't really comfortable having to push laterally against my brand new pump, especially when the problem to begin with was lateral runout.


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